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Whatever type of automobile you’re looking for you can find it through our directory of dealerships across the United States. You will be able to access their inventories directly and search for any automobile that strikes your fancy.

No Dealing With A Middleman, Ever!

Both dealerships and buyers will never have to deal with a go-between like on so many other classified websites. We work to ensure that both parties are connected to each other directly and can deal with each other directly as well.

We Will Help Buyers And Dealers Find Each Other

Once shoppers decide on their dream car and the see which dealership it is at, we help them find that dealer easily and let folks know how to contact them. Dealerships will be able to easily find out who a potential customer is and how to locate them. It is a win-win for both parties.

We Offer A Huge Selection Of Used Cars Also

Beyond just offering you a wide selection of certified pre-owned and new cars, we offer you a wide range of used cars as well. Like other aspects of our site searching for used cars on our website will be a different, more pleasant experience than competing used car sites.

Dealerships Can Benefit Greatly From Registering With Auto Dealer

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We help you build your business by growing your first-generation leads. These highly coveted leads have a closing rate of 25-40%, while the third-party leads that many dealerships rely on only have a closing rate of 4-7%. It’s simple, we generate more of these first-generation leads and that in turn helps build your business and grow your sales.

Let Your Inventory Shine

Auto Dealer showcases your stock and lets that be the reason you build a new customer base. We allow your inventory to do the selling, a meritocratic approach. Register with us today!

Great Return On Investment

When you register with us and use us to help you grow your sales, you will not regret it. Whether it is generating more first-generation leads, making your stock and location more widely available to the public, or allowing you to sell your business without any interference from an intermediary we give you a significant return on investment. You won’t find a better use of your resources in the digital space.

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No forms to fill out, no sensitive information to exchange that will result in calls from telemarketers. There is none of that on our website, search and shop for the car of your dreams.

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Searching through our directory of dealerships across the country gives you access to a massive selection of cars and allows you to find the vehicle you want to drive quicker and easier.

Locate And Communicate Easier

Registered dealerships will offer you not only their inventory but also their location and how to reach them directly. That means that once you find the car you want you can find the dealership you saw it at and start negotiating with them immediately. No time wasted!

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