2020 GT-R Nismo Reintroduced With Track Refinement

April 18, 2019/Auto Dealer Deals

Let us first tell you that Nissan did not launch a new GT-R or Z at NYIAS. Instead, Nissan has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary with special packages. This lead to revealing of the upgraded 2020 GT-R  Nismo.

Image Credit : Nissan

GT-R has undergone various changes numerous times and finally has resulted into 2020 GT3-inspired Nismo. It has been built with striking features that aim at a better road comfort, high-performance, reduced weight, inclusion of carbon fiber (Equipped in the front and rear bumpers, massive rear wing, front fenders, hood, roof, side sill covers & trunk)  and usability.

The inclusion of its new front fender vents aid in cooling the engine and offer down force. This is the major difference between the 2019 and 2020 model. It also comes with a 9-spoke shape to maximize rigidity and includes the new Dunlop tires with 11% bigger contact patch. The new GT-R has also come up with a newly revised suspension for smooth drive quality and high cornering stability. Steering is more linear and precise. Moreover, it incorporates  anew carbon ceramic brake package that equips 16.1-in up front and 15.3-in Brembo rotors in rear. Though the hp and turbocharged units remain the same but acceleration response improves by 20%. This was achieved by Nissan using lesser blades. Also, a new R mode feature is included with the tuned 6-speed transmission for fast shifts and smart selection of gears.

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