Audi e-tron gets 204 miles EPA rating

April 5, 2019/Auto Dealer Deals

Recently, Audi announced that the automaker’s first generation electric vehicle, E-tron is finally hitting the floors in U.S. in the coming month of May. Moreover, it has received a surprising EPA rating of 204 miles which is amazing! Though this rating is a little lower than few other electric SUVs but all of them have a similar size of battery pack of 95 kWh.

This model was initially supposed to launch in 2018 but it got delayed officially due to some technical software glitches. Unofficially, a lot has been said about the rumored battery supply issues. Audi got launched in the European markets earlier this year. Now, officially Audi has confirmed that it is making its way to the U.S. markets in the next month.


As per the German automaker, the reservation holders will begin taking the deliveries in May. Also, the U.S. markets will begin getting display vehicles and a fleet for test drives in May. In an official press, Audi also quoted that the E-tron “is designed for daily usability,” and “built for everyday use.” Audi also offers a long eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty when it is about the E-Tron battery.


Now let us take you into the reviews section to find out how Audi E-tron has been doing. So as per the first few reviews, its efficiency was somewhat low and it was predicted that it can see a hard time getting to 200 miles of range on a single charge. The problem is that Audi is taking a very conservative approach about the longevity of the battery pack. Suspects immediately started brimming up when the E-tron gained an amazing 155 kW fast-charge rate. Not only this, it was also able to maintain it for quite some time, near to 80% of the charge. Since then, Audi has confirmed that it keeps a significant 12% reserve of the battery pack capacity. When we analyze this, we found out that even experts recommend reserves as high as 10-20%. All-in-all, we are awaiting its launch and let’s see how U.S. markets welcome it!

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