Ford Is All Set To Introduce ‘Entry-Level’ 2020 Mustang Performance Variant!

April 6, 2019/Auto Dealer Deals

The Shelby GT350 and GT500 Ford Mustangs are really amazing machines but are inaccessible for many.  Seems like Ford has come up with a solution with the announcement of an entry-level performance 2020 Ford Mustang.

This has really triggered speculations ever since. As per the assumptions it is being said that this Mustang would not be as fast and powerful as the GT350 or GT500. Also, it is difficult to imagine Ford creating another derivative of the regular V8 Mustang because the company already gives 2 levels of packages of performance along with the higher-power Bullit. This has left public thinking that it should be based on the four-cylinder Mustang. It would be interesting to see something priced below the present package model that retails at just under $30,000, but that’s quite improbable. What has better probability is a hotter 4-cylinder model which has more power and some of the Mustang GT Performance package assets.

Making the four-pot Mustang reach at least 350 horsepower seems like an achievable goal as the Focus RS can build the power with a similar engine. It would be a really interesting vehicle if it is coupled with the chassis tweaks and aerodynamic upgrades of the performance package 2.Ford would have to keep the price even lesser than the GT’s $36,000 base price to make it viable.

All-in-all, the fact is that this is all our guesswork until Ford provides some information officially. For now, we can only hope that we will be having more details and insights after the New York Auto Show which kicks off on April 19.

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