McLaren teases new GT, will be revealed on May 15

May 8, 2019/Auto Dealer Deals

On Tuesday, McLaren issued a new teaser for its future GT car. The teaser does still hide a lot of the car. The back end has a shape that’s evocative of both the 570S and 720S.

The exterior design will be lightly based on an evolution of the new Speedtail. McLaren also released a video teaser that shows a bit of car’s details.

The car will be revealed next week, on 15 May at 1pm (BST). This is set to be not a replacement for any current McLaren supercar, but a standalone. Slotted in between McLaren’s Sport and Super series, the GT will be a less-intense version of the 720S, but still deliver considerable performance.

McLaren drove the car on a 1,600-km journey from Spain to the United Kingdom to test its worthiness as a true grand toure.

Source : McLaren Automotive

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