Porsche 911 Speedster Debuts in New York Auto Show

April 17, 2019/Auto Dealer Deals

Porsche grabbed attention right after 2019 NYIAS by showcasing the 911 Speedster for its debut in N. America. It has produced only 1948 units as of now so it is going to exhaust early too plus it won’t be economical. As per the reports, it will cost $275,750 including a delivery fee of $1250.

Image Credit : Porsche

The 911 Speedster has a naturally-aspirated 4-l flat-6 engine which is capable of producing 502 hp and 346 pound-ft of torque along with a pulse-elevating, 900-rotations per minute redline. It has separate throttle bodies in order to gain an improved response and is paired to a GT Sports-6 speed manual transmission. As per the reports, it can go on to 0 to 60 miles in an hour in only 3.8 seconds, before it actually goes to a pace of 192 miles/hour.

Image Credit : Porsche

Moreover, 911 Speedster has come up with the manually operated light fabric top. Also, there are 2 signature streamline bulges that make it totally recognizable. Interiors come with light door panels along with storage nets as well as woven door pulls. Porsche 911 Speedster makes a good use of carbon fiber as well.

So we can say that if you happen to be one of the Porsche 911 Speedster owners, you can also avail a chronograph watch by the same brand. The watch has a carbon fiber dial along with a rotor modeled after the centre lock wheel. Its strap is composed of Porsche interior leather. Orders will be getting placed in early May and cars will start reaching the dealers by the year end. Stay tuned!

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