Tesla Announces Price Raise Of Its Self-Driving Option

April 15, 2019/Auto Dealer Deals

Tesla launched a mass-market car to make mass profits. Now Tesla is working on how to price that mass-market car, profitably. It is now for the fourth time in 6 weeks that the price of its self driving features has been revised. The car maker has now effectively announced the increase in it s open-ended price.

Beyond Autopilot, Full Self Driving i.e., FSD is autonomy of Tesla. Autopilot is traffic-aware cruise control, auto-steer and this system once included auto park, auto lane charge, navigate on autopilot and summon. However these functions were moved to FSD as they are software features and can be added even after buying.


In the March beginning, Tesla announced a 50% decrease in the prices of Model 3, S and X for the car owners who wished to add autopilot after delivery of their cars. Then again in second week of March, Tesla again increased the price of the model. After this, in April, Tesla again altered the prices when it made trims and models and ordering options for the model 3. Even Autopilot hiked the car prices however it was still $500 lesser than ordering Autopilot alone. If one wants to order just Tesla without Autopilot then it costs only around $5000.

The Tesla CEO has plans to get ahead of future rollouts of strong autonomous driving capability. Also, Tesla has developed Hardware 3, a new chip which is way better than Nvidia chip that they use right now. This new chip will see to the processing needs for full autonomy. We have a feeling of Tesla getting even more expensive. Let’s see what is more in store.

Source : Elon Musk (via Twitter)

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