Tesla: Introducing a More Seamless Navigate on Autopilot

April 8, 2019/Auto Dealer Deals

Ever since, Navigate on Autopilot was introduced previous year, Tesla drivers have traveled above 66 million miles via this feature and 9 million plus suggested lane charges have been executed successfully. It has made road trips as well as highway driving more comfortable, fun and relaxing. Also, traveling has become easier on unfamiliar routes due to this feature.

Now, They are rolling out the most trending version of navigate on Autopilot in order to offer a seamlessly active guidance experience to car lovers. In this drivers will be offered a feature to use this Navigate on Autopilot and that too without confirming the lane charges by the turn stalk. Let us understand how it works in the stanza below.

In the settings menu, pressing ‘Customize Navigate’ on ‘Autopilot’ button will showcase three additional settings, whose features are as described below.

  • Enable at Start of Every Trip
  • Require Lane Change Confirmation
  • Lane Change Notification.

By ‘Enable at Start of Every Trip’, Every time a driver enters a navigation route, Autopilot is set to automatically turn ON. This feature will be on, by default each time the driver uses Autopilot with a location plugged into the navigation bar. If the ‘Require Lane Change Confirmation’ setting is turned to ‘NO’, lane charges will happen automatically. An audible chime and a default visual prompt are observed as notification if a driver elects to get notified about an upcoming lane charge. Moreover, all the cars made after August 2017 will incorporate an option to have the steering wheel vibrate for alert.

All these notifications offer drivers an opportunity to check their surroundings and figure out if they wish to cancel the lane change even before it is made. Cancellations are executed by moving the car’s turn signal or by pressing the lane charge cancellation pop-up. However, these features do not make a car autonomous, for sure.

By Tesla’s Early Access Program and internal testing, more than half a million miles have already been driven with the lane change confirmation turned off. Their dedicated team constantly reviews data from incidents when the driver takes over when the feature is still in use. It has already been found that when used appropriately, both versions of Navigate on Autopilot provide a great level of safety. Even drivers have given very overwhelming response about this feature.  The great news is that these new setting will be accessible for customers who have bought Full Self-Driving Capability or Enhanced Autopilot. It will be rolled out soon through an over-the-air software update to all the customers in the U.S and other markets as well after the pending approval is granted.

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